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The Big Sister Project

So, what’s this all about?

In 2013, a little French boy named Antonin stole my heart when I became his au pair. Six years later, we’re inseparable – despite living in different countries and continents.

Being an au pair allowed me to travel overseas at a young age, learn how to live with different people, speak another language and build lifelong connections.
Now, I want to help other young people embark on the same journey. ‘The Big Sister Project’ is a book all about this experience – a way for me to share my story and encourage/inspire/guide other people on their journey.

Though the book is specific to my time as a young person in a specific context, it explores the concept of growing up, gaining independence, navigating new spaces, and other themes that transcend all ages and cultures. Get your copy and learn how you can reframe every life experience you’ve ever had.




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