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The Big Sister Project is all about sharing stories and information, encouraging you to look beneath the surface of who you are and the decisions you make, and giving you a solid foundation and support network before you take off on your au pair journey.

My goal is to use the skills, tools, life experience, tips, and tricks from my time as an au pair to inform/assist/guide young people who;

  • may not know what they want to do when they leave school
  • have learned a language but are not sure what they can do with it
  • are interested in childcare as a profession
  • want to travel
  • want to work overseas (without breaking the bank)
  • want to do a gap year and get paid to live somewhere
  • want to learn a new language from scratch
  • have an interest in humanities/teaching
  • have a university course in mind, but want to have a break before further study

… to take the same step to become au pairs themselves, and design their ideal experience before they even leave home!

What’s happening?

I have crafted together a series of meetups. They will focus on:
  1. Self-discovery, self-development, personal contexts, and exploring the world through interactions with other people;
  2. Understanding the concept of looking after someone else’s child and becoming a member of another family;
  3. Looking at the keys to building solid relationships that we are familiar with before we even meet face-to-face;
  4. In-depth discussions around language (body, verbal, facial and behavioural), self-expression, and attitudes.

We’ll also touch on the more logistical side of becoming an au pair (finding flights/visas/making a profile etc!)

After each session, you will walk away with a bank of new knowledge, applicable tools and a fresh dose of confidence! We’ll develop a community of support for each other which will be ongoing and consistent. The great thing is they’re super flexible and if you prefer, we can merge the topics into two sessions, or extend them further 🙂

Keen bean?

1. Purchase your copy of TBSP

2. Sign up for the meetups. You will gain:

  • A digital document/editable/printable PDF of a workbook designed around the content of the workshops, which can provide continuous help for you if you choose to become au pairs (and in general life!). All workshops will be video-d and put online for you to access later on, and can be great if you miss one of the physical dates! (Everyone loves stationery right?!)
  • Access to a Facebook group so that everyone can communicate after sessions and support each other whilst you look further into becoming au pairs. There will be regular material uploaded for you to watch and read for your own development, specific to the subjects we discuss in the workshops. (Who doesn’t love making friends?!)
  • Year-round support for any issues you have or more personal questions you need help with.
  • Yummy refreshments! (Who doesn’t love food?!)

Sign up:

I am happy to adapt the workshops to incorporate your ideas if I haven't already scheduled to do so!
Let me know if there's anyone who might be interested in knowing more! 🙂

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