Hey there! My name is Ellie Bambury! I’m 24 and live in Auckland, New Zealand! My passion has always been in storytelling, and in 2016 I graduated with a Degree in Performing and Screen Arts, majoring in Writing and Directing for Screen and Theatre.

As well as writing,  my passions are travelling and capturing life’s moments on camera. I also love keeping fit, exploring the outdoors, socialising, and getting involved in creative projects. 🙂

This year (2019) I’ll be teaching French to primary school children, teaching Drama to adults with disabilities, writing blog posts for the University of Auckland, relief teaching pre-schoolers, as well as completing various video/photo projects. I love diversity, variety and challenging myself, and having various different roles gives me more freedom to pursue personal goals too!

Why did I write The Big Sister Project?

When I was leaving high school I wanted to take some time out before starting my university course. Europe was my destination of choice for an OE (or gap year!), but when I realised I had no clue where to start considering I had a very small budget, I felt incredibly lost and almost packed in the whole thing!

Then everything changed. I was introduced to the idea of being an au pair! It seemed like such a foreign concept to me but turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

To this day, my relationship with my ex-host family is amazing, and our story inspired me to write about everything that enabled us to create such solid bonds. ‘The Big Sister Project’ isn’t a guide about logistics/visas/flights/searching for a host family, but the lessons I learned throughout my au pair journey, as a young female who simply didn’t realise how much room she had to grow, learn, play and discover about the world! My goal is to inspire other young people to undertake similar ventures, and open more doors for themselves and their futures. I really hope you enjoy and learn new things from my story! 🙂


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