The world is changing super fast and young people are exposed to so many influences, it can be hard to get a look in. What’s needed right now, is for young people to understand WHO they are and WHY they have become that way. They need to recognise themselves as a person who is constantly evolving and thus capable of making absolutely anything possible as they adapt to what comes their way.

Combining effective tools, insights, and processes taken from coming-of-age life lessons learned as an au pair and subsequently self-publishing my memoir about it, a wealth of experiences from my degree in filmmaking, and diverse working background (inclusive of youth leadership, teaching arts and languages to all ages, working with disabled students, digital marketing, and videography/photography), The Make Way programs consist of a hybrid of interactive activities that span creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, guided solitary exploration, and much more!

So, if you are looking for the perfect mentor to guide your young person/people through times of challenge, change, and uncertainty, empowering them to live a life that is authentic and rewarding, look no further than The Make Way programs.

Check out what they will gain through working with me:


Upcoming in 2021: Stay tuned for details! (Retreat is for 17 y/o’s +)


The Make Way program IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be treated as therapy, counselling, or a place to seek career/life advice. 

The Make Way program strives to be as inclusive as possible for all young people. Therefore, for young people with diagnosed mental health issues or learning disabilities/difficulties, it is required for them to attend sessions with a trusted friend/relative as a support person, to ensure we can provide as much guidance as possible in a way that the young person feels comfortable and empowered.  We can also negotiate necessary extensions of the time allocated for the sessions so that we can navigate the content in a way that suits the young person’s needs. 

To book a free 15-minute consultation to discuss if this is suitable for your young person, please reach out to me!

External Collaborations & Summits

In September (2020) I was one of the 30+ expert speakers on the Health, Wealth & Wisdom International Summit: Parents Edition, hosted by Ali Lankerani from This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with parents on a global scale, sharing all kinds of insights and wisdom around the power of harnessing our stories. Listen to the full 40-minute interview here!

Additionally, in collaboration with Natalie Cutler-Welsh, I have had the privilege of both being featured as an expert panelist and interviewed 1-1 as part of her #UpYourBrave series, sharing insights into how parents can empower their teens & 20-something’s. In both collaborations, we dive deep into empowerment tools and insights!

Feel free to share these videos with any parents you may feel will resonate with the content, and again reach out to me if you’d like to learn more.

Hear from me: -55:03 -51:41, -35:31 -31:00, -20:20 -18:41, -13:14 -10:22

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