Learn more about my message through external speaking collaborations:

In September (2020) I was one of the 30+ expert speakers on the Health, Wealth & Wisdom International Summit: Parents Edition, hosted by Ali Lankerani from www.rolemodelmaker.com. This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with parents on a global scale, sharing all kinds of insights and wisdom around the power of harnessing our stories. Listen to the full 40-minute interview here!

In collaboration with Natalie Cutler-Welsh, I have had the privilege of both being featured as an expert panelist and interviewed 1-1 as part of her #UpYourBrave series, sharing insights into how parents can empower their teens & 20-something’s. In both collaborations, we dive deep into empowerment tools and insights!

Feel free to share these videos with any parents you may feel will resonate with the content, and again reach out to me if you’d like to learn more.

Hear from me: -55:03 -51:41, -35:31 -31:00, -20:20 -18:41, -13:14 -10:22

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