What is The Big Sister Project?


In 2013, a little French boy named Antonin stole my heart when I became his au pair. Six years later, we’re inseparable – despite living 12,000 miles apart.

Every single day was full of challenges and rewards, and I am grateful for every single one of them. Being an au pair allowed me to travel overseas at a young age, learn how to live with different people, speak another language and build lifelong connections. Now, I want to help other young people embark on the same journey. ‘The Big Sister Project’ is a book all about this experience – a way for me to share my story and encourage/inspire/guide other people to take the first step.

How can ‘The Big Sister Project’ help you take that step?

There are multiple self-help books and how-to guides floating around on the internet which can help you sort out flights, visas, language courses and setting up your au pair profile. ‘The Big Sister Project’ is the other side of the coin.

In this memoir, I’ve explored the humanistic side of au pairing – how it feels to be 18 and going to a foreign place to do something completely new. What it’s like trying to live up to expectations that may not even exist. How to reflect on experiences and make better decisions. What it’s like to get sick overseas, and feel like you want to go home. Making friends. Language barriers. Food mishaps. Conflict aversion. Misunderstandings. Beautiful moments.  And so, so much more.
I wrote it because I think it’s really important for us to be reflective and honest with ourselves, and use these sorts of life experiences as a playground where we can discover just how much we can contribute to and learn from the world around us.

If you’d like to read my story, learn more about the ins and outs of au pairing, and see how you can set off on an epic journey too, you’re in the right place 🙂


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